Suffolk County – Huntington Area

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Plumbing Repair

No plumbing repair work is too small.  We perform small service repairs on all plumbing and on all hot water based heating systems.  We have recently added larger trucks to our fleet so that we can carry more service and repair parts to better serve your plumbing and heating repair needs.  We like to call… Read more

Faucet repair

The days of carrying parts for three or four different brand faucets are long gone as are the days of just having rubber washers and seats on hand.  With the influx of home centers, designer showrooms, the invasion of foreign faucets, and every manufacturer experimenting with some kind of washer-less faucet technology, the business of… Read more

Toilet Repair

As with everything else, toilets and toilet repair have changed significantly in the 70 years Jack Berleth & Sons has been in the Plumbing & Heating business. Once, toilets used in excess of 5 gallons of water per flush (5 gpf), then 3.5 gpf became the norm.  In 1999, the federal government passed new water conservation… Read more

Repair Leaking Pipes

Water Piping: Some older homes still have galvanized and brass piping which runs through the house distributing water to the kitchen and bathrooms. Although the brass and galvanized pipe wall thickness is greater than the copper pipe and PEX tubing we use today, that older pipe had thread cut onto the ends so that it… Read more

Bathroom Remodeling & Alterations

Home construction can be overwhelming.  Let us make the process easy for you.  We can perform a partial remodel which might include bathroom remodeling, such as: replacing dated fixtures and faucets, leaking shower repair and restoration, countertop replacement, cabinet replacement, replace a bathtub with a shower or vice/versa.  We can also totally transform the bathroom… Read more

Water Heaters

As with heating equipment, water heaters are changing in technology and options available to home owners.  We service, repair, and replace all the various water heating technologies: boiler tank-less coils, electric tank water heaters, oil fired water heaters, gas fired tank water heaters, indirect fired water heaters, point of use water heaters, and modern tank-less… Read more

Faucet Replacement

Sometimes a fixture or faucet is beyond repair so a fixture or faucet replacement will be required.  It doesn’t make sense to throw good money after bad.  If our mechanic determines it would be better to replace a fixture or faucet, we can provide you with models and pricing for your particular need.  On our… Read more

Backflow Installations and Inspections

A backflow device is a valve that is installed on a water line that only allows water to flow in only one direction.  It is a device that protects the safety of a public water supply.  If there is any kind of contamination to a water supply, and by a back syphon, that contaminated water… Read more

Gas Lines

We are experienced with natural and propane gas. We can run brand new lines, or repair and modify existing lines. We are fully licensed and insured to be able to take out the necessary permits required when gas work is being completed. Natural gas is a very popular fuel source.  Cooking, heating, fireplaces, dryers, BBQ’s… Read more

Irrigation Repairs

Here is where we outshine the irrigation companies that only do irrigation work.  They love to install systems and they are good at that, but when it comes to irrigation repairs and servicing systems they really would rather not be bothered.  We are set up for service and repair. When you call our office, the… Read more

New Construction

New home construction, additions to existing homes – we have been fortunate to work with many homeowners and their builders in completing beautiful homes, for both the domestic plumbing system and heating system… Read more

Waste Lines

    As this American Standard poster depicts, plumbers have always been an important piece of an intricate machine in keeping our drinking water healthy, and removing contaminated waste from our living areas.  From a small branch drain line from a basin or kitchen sink, to the main waste line that exits your home to… Read more

Filtration Systems

Whole house systems, or point of use at your kitchen sink. We can take a water sample and discuss your requirements to design a system that will meet your exact needs… Read more

Home Winterizing Seasonal Home Winterizing

If you have a need to be away for an extended period of time during the cold, winter months, why not think about winterizing the house?   Most people leave the heat on a low setting and have someone check the house periodically.  However, if there’s a power outage and the heat goes down, you could… Read more