DIY Plumbing Fixes

The challenges the current economy poses have affected us all. No one is exempt from the fallout that is occurring. We know it’s expensive to have a quality contractor in your home, but there are many DIY plumbing fixes you can do before having to call on us.

If you are experiencing low pressure to a faucet, take the aerator off the end of the spout and flush out any sediment that might have accumulated. Do you have a sewer gas odor that can’t be explained? If it’s in a bathroom that is seldom used, run some water in the basin or tub/shower to refill the traps to block sewer gas from coming back up into the room. Is your kitchen disposer suddenly not working? Check to see if the reset button on the unit itself has popped. You have no hot water anywhere in the house? Check to see if the pilot has gone out on your gas heater. Or if it’s oil, did you just get a delivery in the last day or two? Sludge in the oil lines can clog the burner and cause it to go off on reset. Call your oil company for burner service. If the heater is electric, check the breaker box. Familiarize yourself with the location of your emergency shut off valves. This could save you grief and money should you ever have a flood situation. If you’re unsure, call us, we can identify and tag the valves.

Keep in mind that “do-it-yourself” isn’t always as easy or safe as it may seem Safety advocates say there are certain projects you should always leave to the experts, including:
Electrical work
Roof repairs
Anything involving high ladders, like gutter repairs

We look at our customer base and feel truly blessed. Many of you are not just clients, you have become friends. We know you can choose other plumbers, but you still call on us and for that, we thank you.