Licensed Plumber vs. Handyman

A licensed plumber is the only person who should be working on the plumbing systems in your home. We at Jack Berleth & Sons are highly trained, licensed, and insured.

To be a licensed plumber you must work under the tutelage of a licensed master plumber for seven years before you are able to apply for a license. Upon your application you will be interviewed and given an extensive written exam. With a passing grade on the written exam you are able to take a difficult practical exam. After successfully passing all exams you must prove full insurance coverage and then you are issued your Master Plumber’s License. A master plumber is a licensed professional who installs and repairs various commercial and residential plumbing systems. He or she might specialize in designing new systems, laying or fitting pipes, or performing repairs and maintenance on appliances and fixtures. In order to maintain the license we must prove insurance coverage annually.

More and more homeowner’s insurance companies are not paying out on damage claims as a result of using unlicensed and uninsured workers. Continuing education, although not required, is important to us. We offer training to our employees through trade schools, manufacturer’s classes, and our own weekly training sessions. It is just not worth the risk to your home and investment to not use a licensed plumbing contractor.