Providing the Best Customer Service

Every season marks a change, but spring seems to bring with it the most significant changes. As we emerge from the gray of winter our moods are lightened, there is optimism for better things in the future, and we look ahead to the return of weather warm enough for shorts and sandals. Change is good especially if it means providing the best customer service!

We’re making some changes here at Jack Berleth & Sons, too, as we are always working to improve our service. In addition to a new voice on the telephone at the office, new technicians have been hired to work in the field. You may have noticed some new faces arriving at your home to take care of your plumbing and heating needs. To ensure that our technicians are kept on the cutting edge, we have implemented in-house certification. Once every month, our mechanics are given instruction on a specific topic. Following the training, a written assessment is given to guarantee that the content has been mastered. Keeping our technicians up to date on new advances in our industry is an important step we take toward assisting you in the best way we can.

One thing that doesn’t change is our goal of superior customer service. That is always our priority. We work diligently toward that goal by performing drug tests and extensive background checks on our employees. We also hold bi-weekly staff meetings to discuss current projects, things that have gone well, and ways to improve. To ensure the quality of any project we only use established manufacturers’ products. Additionally, we continue to offer 24-hour emergency service, so that we are available whenever you need us.

The bottom line is, we are here for you, so your opinions are important to us. We are always open to constructive criticism since we realize it will ultimately benefit our customers. If there is something you think we should be doing, please let us know.