Natural Gas Heat is Efficient and Green

Natural gas burns more efficiently. Convert to natural gas heat for a more clean, efficient system.

Gas equipment will need less intense maintenance making it less expensive to keep up than oil equipment. Oil is thicker and heavier and leaves more residue behind. Oil burners require filtration to keep the oil tank gunk out of your equipment whereas gas does not. Gas systems still require attention and standard maintenance but they generally burn much cleaner than oil so there is a little break on the maintenance visit.

You don’t pay for gas until you use it.

Everyone should be concerned about being “green”. Gas Heat is cleaner than oil, less carbon emissions are released into the air, and, no odors, fumes or soot to clean or inhale in your home.

Gas is a convenient fuel source, flowing directly into your home from an underground source, no hassles arranging for oil deliveries, or possibly running out of oil when it’s freezing outside.

No environmental issues with having a buried oil tank, or a tank taking up space in your basement or garage.

Natural gas can fuel a backup generator during a power outage.

The benefits of converting from oil to gas heat vary from consumer to consumer. If you are interested in the environment and or the cost of heating your home it may be the right decision for you. Contact a Heating Professional such as Jack Berleth and Sons to discuss the type of fuels available in your area and to give you a thorough estimate of the cost of conversion.