Oil to Gas Heat Conversion

If you have had any trouble with any part, or all of your heating system, you may want to upgrade or change your heating system. 
It may be wise to revamp, upgrade or replace your heating system entirely. Nothing is worse than having an emergency with your heating system in sub-freezing temperatures.
The average lifespan of a boiler is between 25 and 30 years with proper annual maintenance. A good reason to start looking to replacing your boiler is if it is needs more and frequent repairs. This is also true for the hot water heating system in your home.
Outdated heating systems require more gas or electricity to create heat. Replacing your boiler with a newer more energy efficient system will lower your energy bills significantly. A new system will improve comfort with quieter operation.
If you currently have oil, switching to gas has several benefits.
  • Oil can run out when homeowners least expect it therefore switching to natural gas will eliminate the need to monitor remaining fuel levels and the worries of missed deliveries.
  • You generally will see lower energy bills with a natural gas system. High-efficiency gas boilers are typically much less expensive to run than electric or oil-fired boiler systems.
  • Natural gas appliances and heating systems work cleaner and more efficiently than their oil-fired counterparts.
  • Natural gas is eco-friendly and clean. As the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas also eliminates the need for a tank that could potentially spill or leak. The evolution of efficient gas-burning appliances has helped reduce the amount of gas consumed even as the fuel becomes more popular.
Heating units were never designed to last forever. Advanced, more efficient technology is coming out all the time. Keep in mind many old boilers operate at an efficiency of just 65 percent or worse! A replacement that’s been qualified with the Energy Star rating can be up to 30 percent more efficient, and that’s a difference you’ll notice in your home and your checkbook.