Faucet Leak Causes

There may be several reasons why your faucet is dripping. A worn out washer, seal or loose parts to name a few. A slow drip from a faucet can waste more water than you might think. A single faucet leak with 10 drips per minute can waste up to 350 gallons a year and costing you more money on your water bill. The cause is almost always a worn washer, seal, spring, O ring or cartridge.

A dripping faucet can also be caused by water pressure perhaps from being too high and causing water to back up and leak somewhere else.

Sometimes a diagnosing or fixing a faucet leak may be beyond your repair. Sometime the faucet cannot be fixed and it may be determined it would be in your best interest to replace a fixture or faucet. We can provide you with models and pricing for your particular need.