Water Filter or Bottled Water?

Estimating a family of four consuming a case of bottled water per week versus the cost of an in home water filter system.

1 case per week @ $6.99/per case = $394.83/per year (incl sales tax), in some areas, you might even have to put a deposit on plastic bottles. You have to go out and get the water. And then there’s the recycling issue for all those bottles (1,248 bottles over a year’s time).

Why not make use of the water that’s already piped into your home? You can get a point of use water filter right at your kitchen sink, installed for as little as $346.58. Wouldn’t it be nice to have filtered water for cooking? Many units have a homeowner friendly design, so you can do the normal maintenance yourself. We can also install whole house systems which will filter out harmful chemicals when you’re showering, and eliminate annoying sediment that can cause your plumbing fixtures to run!