Faucet Replacement

Sometimes a fixture or faucet is beyond repair so a fixture or faucet replacement will be required.  It doesn’t make sense to throw good money after bad. 

If our mechanic determines it would be better to replace a fixture or faucet, we can provide you with models and pricing for your particular need.  On our trucks, we carry several different kitchen and bath faucets for a quick replacement while our technician is already at your home. 

Your decision may be more involved and require more research on your part — we can help guide you.  We can install a fixture or faucet that you provide us with or we can supply it for you. 

All fixtures and faucets that we supply come with our two year, peace of mind warranty.  If we supply it and install it, we stand behind it and we will repair or replace it at no cost to you.  We will cover the labor, which a manufacturer’s warranty will not. 

There have been so many advancements in faucet technology that most of the time it is better to replace the old faucet.  Toilets too have changed significantly. New toilets are all water saving and can flush as little as 1.0 gallon per flush.  They have also gotten taller with a 17” seat height becoming the norm.

Other advances include:

  • touchless flushing technology,
  • dual flush technology,
  • automated seats,
  • quiet close seats,
  • and seats that double as a bidet. 

Not sure how much a change might cost you? We can provide specifications and estimates for you.