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If you have a need to be away for an extended period of time during the cold, winter months, why not think about winterizing the house?   Most people leave the heat on a low setting and have someone check the house periodically.  However, if there’s a power outage and the heat goes down, you could have a frozen, burst pipe that could cause immense damage.  We’ve had the unfortunate experience to have a customer with a burst pipe on the third floor, and by the time someone checked the house, the water had been running for days, from the third floor to the basement, causing catastrophic damage on every floor. 

Why spend money on fuel if you’re not even going to be home?  We can shut down the water, drain your domestic water system, blow it out with compressed air, and use potable anti-freeze in all traps and drains, and you can leave the heat off, with the reassurance of knowing that there is no chance for disaster. 

If you have a hot water boiler/heating system, we can shut that down, and drain that also, or add anti-freeze to the heating system if you prefer not to drain it.

Then give us a call when you plan on returning home, and we can restore water in your home, and get all up and running for your return.