Plumbing Repair

No plumbing repair work is too small.  We perform small service repairs on all plumbing and on all hot water based heating systems. 

We have recently added larger trucks to our fleet so that we can carry more service and repair parts to better serve your plumbing and heating repair needs.  We like to call them rolling warehouses. 

Plumbing repairs include, but certainly are not limited to:

  • dripping faucets,
  • faucets with low pressure,
  • faucets that are hard to open or close,
  • leaks under sinks and cabinets,
  • running and leaking toilets,
  • leaking pipes,
  • replacement of shut off valves that no longer stop water flow or need to be added,
  • repair of leaking outside hose bibs or the addition of one in a more convenient location,
  • replacement of a conventional hose bib with a freeze-less hose bib,
  • clogged or slow draining fixtures or drain lines,
  • irrigation system repairs and diagnostics, and much, much more. 

Hot water based heating repairs and diagnostics can include: 

  • leaks in the heating system,
  • relief valve discharge,
  • installation of system air elimination devices,
  • circulator pump replacement,
  • expansion tank sizing and replacement,
  • motorized zone valve replacement,
  • isolation valve replacement or installation,
  • feed valve replacement,  
  • no heat diagnostics and repair,
  • modifications to the heating system to make it code compliant,
  • energy efficiency evaluations and modifications,
  • and cleaning and service for gas fired boilers and water heaters.