Bathroom Remodeling & Alterations

Home construction can be overwhelming.  Let us make the process easy for you.  We can perform a partial remodel which might include bathroom remodeling, such as:

  • replacing dated fixtures and faucets,
  • leaking shower repair and restoration,
  • countertop replacement,
  • cabinet replacement,
  • replace a bathtub with a shower or vice/versa. 

We can also totally transform the bathroom space by taking it apart down to the building studs and rebuilding it with selections you have made with our guidance.












We have found a niche in “aging in place bathroom remodeling” installing:

  • walk in bathtubs,
  • barrier free showers,
  • decorative grab bars,
  • anti-scald shower faucets with hand showers,
  • shower benches,
  • roll up vanities and countertops,
  • and larger bath entries. 

A complete remodeling project could include:

  • new framing to add to or to change the space,
  • new insulation in all the walls for energy savings, comfort, and noise reduction,
  • plywood backer board installed between the studs for secure installation of wall hung accessories,
  • modern water and mold resistant sheetrock and cement tile backer board. 

We can install new electrical wiring for:

  • new lighting fixtures,
  • outlets,
  • exhaust fans,
  • floor warming,
  • towel warmers,
  • and to create the bathroom as an independent circuit at the electrical panel so that there will be no more blown breakers or fuses when using a hairdryer or curling iron. 

We hire tile craftsmen so that your selected tile will be installed to be beautiful and enduring for years and years.  Great tile work is the key to every bathroom job because it is the finished product that your eye is drawn to; it is the barrier that keeps the bathroom waterproof, and with a tile repair it is making it look like it was there all the time and not a repair at all. 

Fixtures and faucets come in many styles and finishes and in a wide price range.  Cabinets from major manufacturers come in three different qualities, stock, semi-custom, and custom also with many different styles, finishes, and options.  Countertops also offer many options and can be from natural stone, man made solid surface materials, glass, concrete, or china. 

It can all be very overwhelming, but that is what we are here for.  We can guide you through the process.  It all starts with your phone call to our office, at which time we will set up an appointment to meet at your home, at a time that is convenient to you — evenings and Saturdays are available. 

At your home we will complete a survey of the existing bathroom space and listen to your ideas for the space.  At this time it is a good idea for you to have pictures of the style that interests you for the bathroom.  The pictures can be very specific to the items you would like to see in your bathroom or just a general idea of how you see the space transformed. 

On this visit, we will also try and get a sense of your budget for the project.  As you can imagine there can be a wide price range based on how much work will be completed and the products that go into the bathroom.  We want to be sure to put together an estimate that is realistically based on what you intend to spend. 

After our visit to your home, we will put together a complete and comprehensive estimate of what it will cost to complete the bathroom project for you.  Our estimate will include everything from the demolition work, to the finishing work (except painting) and everything in between.  There will be fixtures and faucets specified with price allowances, there will be a tile allowance, and all labor and sub-contractors will be included. 

When we have the estimate completed, we will call you to set up another appointment so that we can present our estimate to you.  Along with the estimate, we will include pictures, specifications, and product literature for the items we have included in the estimate.  We will recommend showrooms and places to view lighting, tile, plumbing fixtures and faucets, cabinets, and countertops. 

When you agree to allow us to complete your bathroom project for you, we will be totally responsible for your complete satisfaction.  There will be no finger pointing if something unexpected happens during or after the project, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE, and WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT. 

As with everything we do at Jack Berleth & Sons, we will work very hard to exceed your expectations.