Irrigation Repairs

Here is where we outshine the irrigation companies that only do irrigation work.  They love to install systems and they are good at that, but when it comes to irrigation repairs and servicing systems they really would rather not be bothered. 

We are set up for service and repair. When you call our office, the phones are answered by a live person and a service call can be scheduled for when it is convenient for you.  No waiting for weeks until we finish that big installation. 

We have a dedicated truck for irrigation repairs with all the parts necessary to complete most repairs. The fact that we are plumbers is a tremendous benefit when it comes to understanding piping systems, water pressures, piping flow rates, and how an irrigation system affects the whole house water system. 

Our irrigation repair work includes, but is not limited to:

  • sprinkler head replacement,
  • sprinkler head relocation,
  • sprinkler head adjustment,
  • the addition of zones,
  • repair of leaking piping,
  • zone valve replacement,
  • reconstruction of zone valve manifolds (plastic and copper),
  • locating and repair of leaks,
  • investigation and repair of reduced pressure and flow,
  • automatic timer and wiring diagnostics,
  • and rain sensor repair or replacement.

And we can open your system for the season, make the necessary repairs, spot check during the watering season for proper operation, and properly winterize the system using compressed air to blow out the system.