Faucet repair

The days of carrying parts for three or four different brand faucets are long gone as are the days of just having rubber washers and seats on hand. 

With the influx of home centers, designer showrooms, the invasion of foreign faucets, and every manufacturer experimenting with some kind of washer-less faucet technology, the business of faucet repair has become complicated. Even identifying the manufacturer, make, and model of a faucet can be difficult. 

On board our repair trucks, we carry rubber washers and seats for those older faucets still out there, as well as over 600 stems and cartridges for the modern domestic and foreign faucets in our customer’s homes.  Even if the faucet part is not on our truck, we have partnered with two specialty plumbing suppliers who we work with to quickly identify and obtain the necessary parts. 

We can also replace the old and tired faucets that can no longer be repaired.  We carry good quality, American made faucets on our trucks for a quick replacement.  We can even replace the old two and three handle bath/shower faucets with new, safer, scald protection faucets, sometimes without having to involve tile work. 

But if tile work is required, we can handle it and most times our creative solutions for the tile repair leaves the area looking better than before the faucet replacement took place.  It is not enough, however, to just have the right parts.  Since we do a lot of faucet repair work, our technicians have a lot of experience repairing a lot of different faucets. 

In addition to field experience, we have weekly in-house training meetings, and we are manufacturer trained for many faucet lines.  We work hard to keep up with all the new innovations and technologies in the faucet world and we feel that we are your best option when it comes to faucet repair or replacement.