Toilet Repair

As with everything else, toilets and toilet repair have changed significantly in the 70 years Jack Berleth & Sons has been in the Plumbing & Heating business. Once, toilets used in excess of 5 gallons of water per flush (5 gpf), then 3.5 gpf became the norm. 

In 1999, the federal government passed new water conservation laws that affected all plumbing fixtures manufactured and sold in the United States.  Toilets could flush no more than 1.6 gallons per flush and now, locally, it is hard to find a toilet available that flushes more than 1.25 gallons of water per flush. There are also dual flush toilets available that will flush either 1.0 gallon per flush or 1.6 gpf. 

Other toilet options include: 

  • gravity flush,
  • pressure assisted flush,
  • touch-less activated flush,
  • two piece toilets,
  • one piece toilets,
  • wall hung toilets,
  • conventional height toilets,
  • and comfort height toilets.
  • Not to mention the high end toilets that have a bidet option, warm air flow for drying, toilet seats that detect motion and open and close automatically, and have a night light in the bowl. 

As with faucets, there are no longer three or four manufacturers in the toilet market.  Our “rolling warehouses” carry all the internal repair parts for the major manufacturers’ toilets in our area such as

  • Kohler,
  • American Standard,
  • Toto,
  • Gerber,
  • Briggs,
  • Crane,
  • Sterling,
  • St. Thomas,
  • and Cheviot. 

If we don’t have it on the truck, we will make every effort to identify, locate, and procure the necessary parts in as quick a manner as possible.  If replacement of the toilet is necessary or what you desire, we will be more than happy to supply you with a new toilet, install the new toilet, cart away the old toilet, and warranty any toilet we supply for two years with labor included.