Gas Lines

We are experienced with natural and propane gas. We can run brand new lines, or repair and modify existing lines. We are fully licensed and insured to be able to take out the necessary permits required when gas work is being completed.

Natural gas is a very popular fuel source.  Cooking, heating, fireplaces, dryers, BBQ’s and back up generator power all run on this convenient fuel source.  National Grid is constantly running installation incentives, giving discounts on new heating systems, if you run a new gas service to your home.

We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through what could be an overwhelming project.  We have dealt with National Grid on countless projects from new services to upgrades.  We can properly size the gas load needed for all appliances you would like to run in your home, to make sure the gas main is sized correctly.  We are licensed and insured, so we are able to take out all necessary permits with your township so all work is code approved by your town.