Heating Systems, Hot water, Steam, Radiant floor heating, & Hydro-Air systems

Heating systems on Long Island are ever changing and evolving and we are doing everything we can to stay current with new high efficiency heating systems and heating units while still maintaining and repairing the older systems found in our area. Everyone in our organization is involved in continuing education through manufacturer certification programs and classes, outside educational sources, vocational school programs, and in-house training. 

Our heating work includes but is not limited to:

  • oil and gas boiler replacement,
  • oil to natural gas conversions,
  • electric heat to natural gas conversions,
  • gas burner service, repair, and maintenance,
  • heating system component replacement,
  • heating system trouble shooting and repair,
  • hot water heating system zoning,
  • radiant floor heating zones installed and repaired,
  • radiant snow melt systems installed and repaired,
  • steam boiler repair and maintenance,
  • steam system repair and maintenance,
  • and hydro-air system installation and repair. 

In larger homes, we have replaced large over-sized boilers (both oil and gas) and installed multiple boiler systems with boiler controls to stage and modulate the boilers based on outdoor temperature. 

In one home we replaced a single, over-sized oil boiler with three smaller oil fired boilers with primary/secondary boiler piping and Tekmar boiler staging controls with outdoor reset control.  The homeowner called us after the first heating season with the new boiler and gleefully told us they had consumed half the fuel oil that they had in the previous year.  And that was after a major hike in the price of fuel oil and one of the coldest winters on Long Island in recent time. 

For average sized homes, today’s boilers are being engineered to grab every possible BTU from the heat source at every efficiency level.  Conventional oil and gas boilers which connect to your chimney have operating efficiencies from 80-86 AFUE (Annual Fuel Use Efficiency).  There are modulating and condensing gas fired boilers which have AFUE ratings in the high 90’s that can hang on the basement wall.  The modulating and condensing boilers don’t connect to your chimney, but vent through the exterior wall with plastic pipe.  If saving space and saving money on fuel is for you, then you should consider one of these ultra high efficiency gas fired boilers.  

Even if a boiler replacement or conversion isn’t in your budget, there are new energy efficiency controls which can be added to average efficiency boilers which can increase the Annual Fuel Use Efficiency (AFUE) rating.  For oil boilers which must maintain a minimum water temperature, there are controls which will keep the boiler water at that lower temperature until there is a call for heat, at which time it will bring the water up to the high temperature required to heat your home.  With outdoor reset control, that high heating temperature can be maintained at a lower temperature based on the outdoor temperature.  The cooler the boiler temperature the less the burner fires and the less fuel gets burned –savings to you in your fuel bill!  

With most gas boilers, there is no need to maintain temperature in the boiler and they can “cold fire” (big savings there.) And when they do fire, with an outdoor reset boiler control, they don’t have to fire to the highest temperature 365 days a year.  Based on outdoor temperature the boiler will only fire to the highest temperature on the coldest days of the year.  On mild days, it takes cooler heating system water to take the chill out of the air. 

Choosing the correct contractor for your heating project is of paramount importance. All heating projects are not created equal, and all heating contractors are not equal in experience, knowledge, nor willingness to stand behind their work.  Our installations are all about a proper, trouble-free operating system, maximum operating efficiency for the chosen system, neat workmanship, respect and care for the home we are working in and the people who inhabit the home, and future serviceability. 

We always have the future in mind. At some point, every mechanical device will need to be repaired or replaced.  When we design our systems and boiler piping we use isolation valves so that when components need to be repaired or replaced, the entire system does not have to be shut down and drained.  Your comfort is maintained and the maintenance or component replacement is less costly. 

To maximize your investment in a boiler and heating system, you must choose a knowledgeable, experienced contractor who will be around to stand behind their installation.  We feel that we are that contractor and our 70 years in business stands as proof.