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Outdoor Plumbing Plans Are Important

Outdoor plumbing is an essential part of your outdoor space transformation plans.  When determining what your outdoor entertaining needs are, think about; how often you will be entertaining and how many people you will be entertaining.   Planning your utility needs early and properly is important to make sure you have everything needed to run the… Read more

Water Efficient Bathroom

Bathrooms are by far the largest water users in the home, accounting for more than half of all the water that families use indoors. If you’re tired of your bathroom and want a water efficient one give it a mini-makeover with  Water Sense Products! Advances in plumbing technology and design mean that faucets, showers, and toilets… Read more

Plumbing Contractors Are Not Created Equal

It is important for you, as a homeowner, to do your homework when it comes to hiring a contractor.  All you have to do is open a phone book to see how many plumbing contractors are advertising for your business, but you will find their business practices, and their prices, could vary widely.  One huge… Read more

Pipe freezes can damage your home

Keep thermostats at a higher than normal temperature. This will help to prevent a pipe freezes. Keep inside doors open for better circulation of the heat. For bathroom or kitchen pipes that run on exterior walls, open cabinet doors, and if possible, keep a space heater in the area for supplemental heat to prevent a… Read more

Gas Heat the Top Ten Reasons to Convert

As oil prices go up there becomes a higher demand to convert from oil to gas heat. 1. SAVE MONEY ON YOUR HEATING BILL!! 2. You don’t pay for natural gas until you use it. 3. Natural gas burns more efficiently. 4. Gas is versatile; many appliances can be changed to save more money! 5… Read more

Licensed Plumber vs. Handyman

A licensed plumber is the only person who should be working on the plumbing systems in your home. We at Jack Berleth & Sons are highly trained, licensed, and insured. To be a licensed plumber you must work under the tutelage of a licensed master plumber for seven years before you are able to apply… Read more

Faucet Leak Causes

There may be several reasons why your faucet is dripping. A worn out washer, seal or loose parts to name a few. A slow drip from a faucet can waste more water than you might think. A single faucet leak with 10 drips per minute can waste up to 350 gallons a year and costing… Read more

Fix a Leak Week celebrated in March

The Environmental Protection Agency in partnership with WaterSense celebrates annual Fix a Leak Week during the month of March. It is a time to remind everyone to check their household fixtures for leaks. The average household’s leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year, or the amount of water needed… Read more

Remembering Henry Berleth

For those of you that haven’t heard, Henry Berleth, one of the founders of Jack Berleth & Sons, Inc., passed away on November 12. Over the years, Henry became a fixture in the Huntington Community. Aside from being involved in the intricacies of Jack Berleth & Sons, Inc. since its creation in 1947, Henry was… Read more

Providing the Best Customer Service

Every season marks a change, but spring seems to bring with it the most significant changes. As we emerge from the gray of winter our moods are lightened, there is optimism for better things in the future, and we look ahead to the return of weather warm enough for shorts and sandals. Change is good… Read more

Prepare for Winter with Winterization

Even though the warmth of summer hangs in the air, cold weather will be upon us before you know it. Don’t be caught off guard. Preparing ahead of time can save you a lot of grief and money. Taking the time to properly prepare your outdoor hosebibs, showers and bathrooms and irrigation systems with winterization… Read more

DIY Plumbing Fixes

The challenges the current economy poses have affected us all. No one is exempt from the fallout that is occurring. We know it’s expensive to have a quality contractor in your home, but there are many DIY plumbing fixes you can do before having to call on us. If you are experiencing low pressure to… Read more

Water Filter or Bottled Water?

Estimating a family of four consuming a case of bottled water per week versus the cost of an in home water filter system. 1 case per week @ $6.99/per case = $394.83/per year (incl sales tax), in some areas, you might even have to put a deposit on plastic bottles. You have to go out… Read more

Water Efficient Appliances and Fixtures

The average American uses 100 gallons of water a day at home, and while those gallons add up, so do the dollars. A typical U.S. household spends $1,100 per year on water, but it can save $350 annually simply by installing water efficient appliances and fixtures. WaterSense labeled plumbing and irrigation fixtures have been independently… Read more

Natural Gas Heat is Efficient and Green

Natural gas burns more efficiently. Convert to natural gas heat for a more clean, efficient system. Gas equipment will need less intense maintenance making it less expensive to keep up than oil equipment. Oil is thicker and heavier and leaves more residue behind. Oil burners require filtration to keep the oil tank gunk out of… Read more

Avoiding Mold in your Home

Mold awareness has become an important issue in the plumbing industry. Because plumbing goes hand in hand with water, and water is a key ingredient to causing a mold problem, we’d like to offer the following suggestions to be proactive in preventing mold issues in your home. You can install exhaust fans in the bathrooms… Read more

Basement Flooding Prevention

Accumulated water in a basement whether from broken pipes or weather can cause significant and costly damage to a home. Basement problems can occur more frequently during storms and in the winter. We rely on drainage around the homes foundation to collect water from rain and snow to direct away from a house so basement… Read more