Avoiding Mold in your Home

Mold awareness has become an important issue in the plumbing industry. Because plumbing goes hand in hand with water, and water is a key ingredient to causing a mold problem, we’d like to offer the following suggestions to be proactive in preventing mold issues in your home.

You can install exhaust fans in the bathrooms that will duct humid air from showers out of the bathroom.

Pans under the water heater with a water alarm can alert you to a leaking water heater before it floods your basement, which could lead to mold issues even after the water is cleaned up.

You can also install an automatic shut off valve if an unusually high volume of water is being called for. Familiarize yourself with where all your emergency shut off valves are and check them regularly to make sure they are working. That way, if you have a leak, you can quickly shut down water to stop additional damage.

Don’t ignore a water stain.Make sure outside leaders are running away from the house foundation, and that the lines are clear.

There may be areas of your house that you aren’t in very often, get in the habit of checking these areas regularly, especially if there is plumbing in those areas.

If you have air conditioning fan units in your attic space, make sure those are checked regularly during the summer months. Condensate drain lines commonly become clogged, overflowing the pan and leaking through the ceiling.